MPhil/PhD Studentship Low cost ergonomic posturing solution

This PhD is a 3.5 year CASE award studentship between WMG and our industrial partner Ford, via the High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute (HSSMI). 

Co-Supervisors (Academic): Dr K Debattista, Prof A Chalmers

Supervisor (Industrial): A Baker 


Simulation of human posture in the work environment is becoming increasingly important in order to design workplaces that are efficient to operate and safe for the individual over the long term. 

Ergonomic studies enable these reviews to take place, and the development of computer-based tools allows these studies to be done in the virtual environment.  Early analysis of ergonomic risks during the design of a work environment can assist in avoiding potential long term injuries to the operators. 

In order to build the human posture within the computer system, detailed joint articulation information must be fed into the computer to replicate the required human posture. Methodologies of capturing a human posture from real people within the laboratory do exist. However these are expensive to acquire and are not suitable for field work. 

This project will aim to deliver a low cost human posture capture system, that is easy to operate and robust enough for field use. This could potentially be a commercial product, with multiple industry applications. The development of a commercial product will be encouraged by the project partners. 

Awards available: 1 award available 

Funding Details:  Full fees and maintenance at the RCUK level. 

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Length of Award: 3.5 years (PhD) 

Eligibility:  Due to funding regulations, application is restricted to UK students only. 

Application Details: 

A first degree (at least 2:1) in Computer Science, Engineering or Mathematical subject would be preferable. Students of Bio Sciences may also apply if they have suitable computing knowledge 

Please contact prior to submitting an application. 

Deadline:  30 June 2013 

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