Junior Fellow Academy Scholarship Grants-CDN70,000

The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research brings together top international researchers to tackle many of the most interesting and pressing  research Through the CIFAR’s global research network, the young researchers are closely collaborate, and be mentored by, some of Canada’s and the world’s best researchers..

CIFAR’s Cosmology and Gravity Program is seeking an outstanding postdoctoral researcher to fill a Junior Fellowship position beginning in or after July 2013. The Junior Fellowship will be held in conjunction with a university postdoctoral appointment supervised by one or more program Fellows or Scholars. The position is tenable at any of the Canadian institutions where Fellows or Scholars of the Program are based

Prospective candidates are advised to contact the Gravity program professors to discuss the possibility of working under their supervision.


Who Should Apply: Individuals who have completed or will complete their PhD no more than three years prior to the anticipated Fellowship starting date are eligible to apply. The successful candidate will have an exceptional record of accomplishment, excellent communication skills, and strong potential to collaborate with program members. The candidate will also be interested in exploring the contributions of research to society in collaboration with their peers from other CIFAR programs.
Duration: Junior Fellows become members of the Junior Fellow Academy for a period of five years. The first two years are fully funded by CIFAR. Candidates may be able to negotiate for an additional year of salary and/or research support from their designated supervisor. For the last three years of the Junior Fellowship, CIFAR covers the cost to attend Academy meetings.
Value: CIFAR provides $70,000 CDN/year for salary and benefits, plus $5,000 CDN/year for research support, for two years. However, candidates may be able to negotiate for a salary and/or research support top-up from their designated supervisor.
How to Apply: Applications will be submitted through an online application system to be launched on October 1, 2012. Instructions are posted at www.cifar.ca/JFA. The application deadline for the Cosmology & Gravity Junior Fellowship is November 30, 2012. Visit the

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