Deadline: 2015-07-07
Value of Scholarship: € 19.800
Level Of Study: PhD

International PhD Program in Biomolecular Technology of Proteins (BioToP)


About the PhD student positions

BioToP offers an inter- and multi-disciplinary research-based doctoral education at the interface of basic and applied science in the field of protein biotechnology.

BioToP offers a challenging scientific environment with state-of-the-art facilities and provides comprehensive and thorough up-to-date research training in the fields of:

  • structure-function analysis, engineering and design of proteins
  • protein synthesis, targeting and post-translational modifications
  • expression systems and cell factories
  • bioinformatics and molecular modelling

The BioToP-specific educational program comprises lectures, seminars and instructional courses that complement the research work in the participating groups.

Highly qualified and motivated students of any nationality are invited to apply for the 3-year studentships. Funding will be according to the salary scheme of the Austrian Science Fund. Additionally students will receive funding for research stays abroad and for the participation at international conferences.

Further information on research projects as well as application guidelines and forms are available at:

Application deadline:  July 7th, 2015

Research Projects:

In this call specially designed collaborative research projects are offered. These projects are highly interdisciplinary, i.e. at least two faculty members of different research areas will significantly contribute with their complementary expertise. Applicants can choose up to three projects of interest:

  • Analysis of structure-function relationships of monomeric and dimeric human IgA1 and IgA2 with defined N- and O-glycosylation
  • Development of high-throughput-screening of flavin- and heme-dependent oxidoreductases using genetically encoded redox sensors
  • Genomic and epigenomic analysis of a plant-based expression platform for recombinant glycoproteins
  • Mechanism and dynamics of extracellular cellulolytic protein interactions
  • Rational systems design of protein-producing yeasts: eliminating metabolic limitations
  • Structure-function analysis of a phylum-wide conserved glycosyltransferase central to a novel protein O-glycosylation pathway
  • Understanding the source of variation in protein N-glycosylation patterns of recombinant proteins generated in CHO cells
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Further information on research projects as well as application guidelines and forms are available at:

International PhD Program

“Biomolecular Technology of Proteins (BioToP)”

at the Vienna Institute of BioTechnology of BOKU

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria

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