Deadline: 2017-01-15
Value of Scholarship: $20,000

Inter American Press Association Journalism $20,000 Scholarship

The Inter American Press Association Scholarship Fund, Inc. is funding a scholarship in the form of an exchange program for print journalists of the Americas. U.S. and Canadians study in Latin America, and Latin Americans study in the United States or Canada. There are 2-4 scolarships awarded.

  • Must be a graduate student

  • Must attend a university

  • Must study full-time

  • Must not be attending high school currently

  • Must be between the ages of 21 and 35

  • Restricted by race for American Indian/Alaska Native, Black or Hispanic students

  • Restricted to students studying Journalism

  • Restricted to : Canadian or Latin American/Caribbean Applicants

  • Restricted to individuals with the following interests: English language, French language, Portuguese language, or Spanish language

Visit the link provided.

Apply Now

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