How to apply for a scholarship

We receive questions all the time about how to apply for a scholarship or how to join the scholarship hunters club

Though we have written an article on things to know before you apply for a scholarship, there are more specific steps that you need to take to start hunting for scholarships.

These steps include but not limited to:

  • Join our new the question and answer forum to share ideas with others


There are many scholarships opportunities in different scholarship categories


You can search for your scholarships in your area of interest example, a student interested in Masters in Economics, should always visit the scholarship by subject area category Economics. The student should also always check the Masters Degree Scholarships


There are also some specific requirements to take note of about applying for scholarships in certain countries. Please read before you apply for a German University scholarship


It is important that you follow the scholarship deadlines to ensure that you do not miss important dates. This you can do by checking on Scholarships expiring soon


Good Luck!

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