Four year MRes/PhD programme – intake 2014

Four year MRes/PhD programme – intake 2014

Outstanding research training will be provided at the internationally recognised MRC Centre for Developmental Neurobiology, utilising state-of-the-art techniques in various model systems. Applications are welcomed from a wide range of academic backgrounds: from molecular and cellular biology, embryology, developmental biology, electrophysiology, computational neuroscience to the physical and mathematical sciences.

  • Year 1 – MRes: three lab rotations, a taught course, seminars and workshops run by leading experts
  • Year 2-4 – PhD: an original research project, transferable skills, seminars and conferences

Projects are available with the following group leaders:

  • Laura Andreae – Synaptogenesis and neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Esther Bell – Molecular mechanisms of neural induction
  • Eric Blanc – Development of software for Drosophila climbing assay
  • Juan Burrone – Synaptic physiology and plasticity
  • QueeLim Ch’ng – Neuroendocrine regulation of C. elegans physiology
  • David Chambers – Patterning and specification of cranial motor neurons
  • Jon Clarke – Morphogenesis and neurogenesis in the zebrafish CNS
  • Uwe Drescher – Molecular analysis of the development of neural circuits
  • Manolis Fanto – Neuron-glia interactions in neurodegeneration in Drosophila
  • Caroline Formstone – Organisation of neuronal behaviour via PCP signalling
  • Phillip Gordon-Weeks – Cytoskeletal dynamics and growth cone pathfinding
  • Anthony Graham – The neural crest and neurogenic placodes
  • Matthew Grubb – Activity-dependent control of neuronal excitability
  • Sarah Guthrie – Motor neuron development and diseases
  • Robert Hindges – Synaptic specificity in the vertebrate visual system
  • Corinne Houart – Signalling centres in control of forebrain complexity
  • Tara Keck – Mechanisms of structural plasticity
  • Clemens Kiecker – Transcriptional control of vertebrate forebrain development
  • Camilla Larsen – Patterning of sub-regions in the Drosophila brain
  • Ivo Lieberam – ES cell-based models of neuromuscular circuits
  • Eugene Makeyev – Post-transcriptional control of neural development and function
  • Martin Meyer – Development and function of the zebrafish visual system
  • Setsuko Sahara – Differentiation of neural progenitors in the cortex
  • Rita Sousa-Nunes – Neural stem cell transformation and cancer
  • Guy Tear – Molecular mechanisms of axon guidance in Drosophila
  • Ian Thompson – Development of the mammalian visual system
  • Darren Williams – Dendrite development in Drosophila
  • Richard Wingate – Development of cerebellar-like circuits
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MRC eligibility criteria can be found at:

NB an additional, and separate, route for applications to the Programme (as well as to individual projects) is through KCL Health Schools Studentships (

Candidates should have or expect at least an upper second class degree. Closing date for applications is 6th January 2014. To apply send a full CV, the names and contact details of two academic referees and personal statement of your interest in this programme to Ms Ellen Siu at, MRC Centre for Developmental Neurobiology, New Hunt’s House, King’s College London, Guy’s Campus, London SE1 1UL.

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