What really is an examination?

Examination is a means of determining the qualification of someone by subjecting them to a particular test.

It is a requirement to justify that a student passed through a learning process and know what he or she has been taught; therefore passing an exam is matter of getting prepared. 

Most times, the common measure of who is intelligent depends more of giving expected answers rather than showing any initiative or creative spark, this is  probably the reason why first class degree student do not perform well or lack the initiative to offer something substantial to their various discipline compared to  lower degree holders. 

Furthermore, the incidence of examination malpractice doesn’t help matters.

Examination malpractice can be in the form of impersonation. Those impersonated are tremendously hailed for their academic excellence which shows  why some employees fail in their given work (because they lack knowledge). 

The act of using exam in measuring intelligence is a problem per say, that is, it is an inadequate guide to human capacity. Take for instance, in a situation where a  student have two, three or more exams in a day, apart from anxiety/exam tension encountered during the exams, there might also be time constraint, the pursuit to  finish within time and get prepared for the next paper.

All these form of anxiety, emotional stress and time constraint causes nervous breakdown for even the best student and might undermine his or her effort.

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Even the demise of a family  member or loved one can cause nervous breakdown, psychological and emotional  trauma which can hinder good results. 

How can examination be the true test of knowledge when teachers trot out the same questions they treated in class as exam questions but in a different manner.  

It doesn’t create chance for brain bursting and creativity. It discourages intelligent responses.

By measuring intelligence this way, we get some of the good and intelligent student but not all, and all those that fall by the wayside can be the most  important of all. 

In conclusion, exams are important and they always will be but exams have been given such a significance that they are in danger of undermining the very thing  that they are made or designated to encourage.

We have too many talented and  intelligent people through exams that are wholly inadequate and constructing.

We need to look broader and encourage the creative, brain bursting , inquisitive mind.


Written By: Ijeomah Reagan 

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