Deadline: 2016-04-30
Value of Scholarship: Cambridge
Level Of Study: PhD

EPSRC PhD Studentship in Ultrasound Beamforming

The goal of this project is to develop the next generation of ultrasound beamformers by drawing on algorithms and techniques from seismic imaging. Ultrasound and seismic imaging share the same forward model of wave propagation. Ultrasound beamforming involves generating images by combining acoustic signals that have been backscattered from biological tissue. Similarly, seismic migration forms structural images by estimating the reflectivity of geological boundaries.  Seismic migration and inversion technologies developed over the last decades consider multiple scattering, usually ignored in ultrasound imaging, as vital information and use it to display better structural complexities in the Earth’s subsurface.  Seismic inversion also estimates elastic properties of geological layers, such as velocity/or sound-speed and attenuation models.  In the field of ultrasound imaging, the sound-speed distribution can help detect cancer as there is increasing clinical evidences that the sound speed in cancerous tumours is higher than in surrounding tissues. Toward this end, our specific aims are:

Develop new ultrasound beamformers using techniques from wavefield migration.

Develop reconstruction algorithms for sound-speed distribution in biological tissues.

Develop a joint migration-inversion that yields more accurate reflectivity images and better sound-speed model.

If successful, the project will introduce a new level of ultrasound image quality. It will also generate a new ultrasound imaging modality, other than reflectivity, creating a step change in ultrasound for use in clinical practice.

Applicants should have, or expect to obtain by the start date, a first class degree (preferably at Master’s degree level) in a relevant engineering or science subject. 

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The PhD studentship is funded by the UK EPSRC and is available for October 2016 entry to the University of Cambridge. Home students are eligible for full funding including the University Composition Fee and Student Maintenance at standard EPSRC rates. EU/Swiss students can be considered for a Fees-only award. There is no funding available for Overseas applicants.

For further information, please contact Richard Prager (

Applications should be made on-line via the Cambridge Graduate Admissions Office before the deadline: With Professor Prager identified as the potential supervisor.

The University values diversity and is committed to equality of opportunity.

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