EPSRC PhD Studentship in Radiation Detector Development High temperature radiation hard detectors (HTRaD)

The Wolfson Centre for Materials Processing in conjunction with the Sensors & Instrumentation Group at Brunel University, Uxbridge, UK is offering a fully funded EPSRC studentship (due to funding restrictions the studentship is normally only available to UK and UK- based EU students only), to work on a project to develop a solid state radiation hard sensor for neutron and gamma detection with long term reliability suitable for use in nuclear power generation plant and other high temperature settings. This studentship is available from immediately.

The Wolfson Centre for Materials Processing carries out focused research into the development of the science and technology of manufacturing processes, as required to impart optimum physical properties, particularly in the area of luminescent materials and opto-electronic devices.  Research is underpinned by extensive state-of-the-art instrumentation for thermal, rheological, chemical and physical characterisation of materials and devices. Facilities most relevant to the project include high temperature furnaces for heat treatment under gasses up to 1800oC, FETEM, FESEM, EDX, XRD, Raman Spectroscopy and electrical characterization.  Brunel University has recently invested £2.4M in a state of the art FETEM/FESTEM-cathodoluminescence-EELS facility with extensive sample preparation for studying the optical emissions from materials which will be used to yield valuable optoelectronic information.

The Sensors & Instrumentation Group, led by Prof Hobson and based within the School of Engineering and Design, has over two decades of experience in the modelling, design, commissioning, and exploitation of radiation detectors. They have worked on sensor systems for radiation environments for particle physics, space science, and dosimeter applications and are familiar with silicon detectors, vacuum and solid-state photodetectors and the development of radiation tolerant inorganic scintillators and glasses. The group has access to excellent facilities for the characterisation of such detectors, including low and high intensity X-ray, electron and gamma sources, low-noise electronics and fast data acquisition systems including picosecond lasers.

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We are looking to recruit a PhD student to work on the development and characterization of the devices and substrate materials.  As part of an industry sponsored project it is expected that some time will also be spent carrying out work at an industry sponsor on the south coast.  Contributions to publication and dissemination are also expected.

The studentship is for 3 years. Only students with at least an Upper Second class degree in Physics, Materials Science or a related subject are likely to be eligible for this position. For full details of the eligibility criteria, please visit:


Applications, including a full CV, covering letter and contact details of two references should be sent to or Dr George Fern (George.Fern@brunel.ac.uk, Telephone: +44 (0)1895265628) or Professor Peter Hobson (Peter.Hobson@brunel.ac.uk, Telephone: +44 (0)1895266799) as soon as possible.  Applications will continue to be accepted until the studentship has been filled.

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