EPSRC Funded PhD Studentship: Nanostructured conductive anion exchange composite thin films for electrocatalytic applications

About the project:

Applications are invited to the Systems and Process Engineering Centre (SPEC) and Multidisciplinary Nanotechnology Centre (MNC), Swansea University, for a PhD in the field of nanostructured thin films materials for energy applications. This project is in collaboration with Prof. Yushan Yan (University of Delaware, USA) and Haydale and will be funded by an EPSRC DTA account with an enhanced stipend.

The aim of this PhD is to fabricate ultra-thin films of a novel highly conductive anion exchange composite membrane for electrocatalytic (oxygen evolution and hydrogen evolution reactions) applications in the energy sector. The films will be fabricated using the Langmuir-Blodgett and Langmuir-Schaefer methods and will be characterised using a variety of spectroscopic, microscopic, and electrochemical techniques. These novel ultra-thin composite films involve the use of graphene and other carbon nanomaterials and they will be tested for uses in alkaline fuel cells, but with potential applications in the sensor sector as well.

This is an exciting academic project with relevant industrial applications. The project involves daily interactions with the group of Prof. Yan at the University of Delaware and Haydale.

The SPEC and MNC have an international reputation for excellence in the Nanotechnology sector, which cover a broad and ever-increasing spectrum of applications. The successful candidate will work in the research group of Dr. Paolo Bertoncello, in collaboration with Prof. Yan and Haydale.

Candidate Eligibility:

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Applicants should hold or be completing an undergraduate honours degree with a 2.1 or above.

Degrees in all areas of engineering, physics, mathematics, physical oceanography and other related subjects will be considered

UK students:

UK students are eligible for a full award (stipend and fees).

EU students:

EU students who have been ‘ordinarily resident’ in the UK for 3 years prior to the start of the grant are eligible for the full award (stipend and fees). Due to funding restrictions the EPSRC requires that they must have been normally residing in the UK (apart from temporary or occasional absences). EU students who are ordinarily resident in a member state of the EU are generally eligible for a fees-only award.

Further information about eligibility requirements can be found on the EPSRC website: http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/skills/students/help/Pages/eligibility.aspx

Studentship Value:

The full studentship covers tuition fees and a tax-free stipend of £13,726 p.a.

There will also be some funding available for attending conferences.

Further Information:

Applicants are encouraged to email the supervisor, Dr. Paolo Bertoncello at p.bertoncello@swansea.ac.uk.

Application Closing Date:

The deadline for applications is 1st February 2014

To apply please click on the ‘Apply’ button below.

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