DPhil Studentship Optimising the treatment and understanding of early OA

Supervisors: Dr Cameron Brown and Prof Andrew Price

This DPhil studentship will develop a 3-D model of tissue structure including fluid, charge and biological properties, the preliminary work for which has received a prize from the International Society of Biomechanics. By relating mechanical, structural and biological factors in joint disease, it is expected that the model will provide new insights into disease initiation and progression, as well as optimising treatment.

Focussing on early-stage joint disease and its surgical treatment by osteotomy, the student will have the opportunity to deliver high academic impact in addition to direct patient benefit. Access to surgeons and engineers within the ARUK Experimental Osteoarthritis Treatment Centre, and collaborators in mathematics and computer science, will facilitate the development of the skills required to undertake research at the interface between the medical, engineering and mathematical sciences.


This studentship is suitable applicants with backgrounds in engineering, computer science, physics or mathematics. Applicants must have or expect to obtain a bachelor’s degree in one of the above fields, and will need to provide evidence of competence in English, if English is not their first language.

Funding details

This studentship is supported by a grant from Orthopaedic Research UK, which includes a bursary plus University and College fees at the EU/home rate. Funding is for three years.

For further information contact Cameron Brown: cameron.brown@ndorms.ox.ac.uk

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