Competition Funded Studentship: New algorithms and methodology for unlocking polyploidy in fish

Deadline: 30 April 2014.
Start Date: October 2014.
Supervisory Team: Dr Katharina Huber, Email:

The Project: 
Polyploidization is a complex evolutionary process whereby the number of chromosomes and thus the genome of an organism is duplicated. About 70% of the worlds flowering plants are thought to have arisen via this process. However polyploidzation is not only restricted to plants but is also thought to be an important player in the evolution of amphibians and fish. For example, the last common ancestor of all living salmonid fish is thought to have arisen from a 4th genome duplication event [1]. Given the importance of fish to the economy, it is crucial to better understand the link between the observed diversity of fish and the processes that gave rise to it. To develop algorithms as well as mathematical theory and tools and techniques that allow one to model and investigate these processes, in particular polyploidization, is the goal of this project.

Entry Requirements: 
First degree (1st class) in Computer Science or Mathematics.

This project is in a competition for two funded 3 year studentships within the School of Computing Sciences, one of which is funded by the University and the other by EPSRC.

Funding for the studentship from EPSRC is available to successful candidates who meet the UK Research Council eligibility criteria including the 3-year UK residency requirements. These requirements are detailed in the EPSRC eligibility guide which can be found at In most cases UK and EU nationals who have been ordinarily resident in the UK for 3 years prior to the start of the course are eligible for a full-award. Other EU nationals may qualify for a fees only award. All candidates should check to confirm their eligibility for funding.

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An annual stipend of £13,726 will be available to the successful candidate.

Making Your Application:

Please apply via the University’s online application system  by clicking on the Apply button below.

NB Applications are processed as soon as they are received, so early application is encouraged.

To discuss the application process or particular projects, please contact the: Admissions Office, email: or telephone +44 (0)1603 591709. 

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