Deadline: 2014-06-02
Value of Scholarship: $1,500
Level Of Study: Journalism

Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB) Ruth Hancock Scholarship

Scholarship Details:

Competition:  Students will write an essage of  about 500 words to explain  why they have chosen to take a course in communications or marketing . The essage will include an indication of the student’s  career goal  and how they can potentially benefit from the scholarshi is awarded
help you attain that goal.

Among other things, the students are expected to demonstrate:

  • Strong character and leadership qualities
  • A willingness to assist others
  • A genuine interest in pursuing a broadcasting career, as
  • reflected in extra-curricular activities related to
  • broadcasting or broadcast sales/marketing, and/or self initiated
  • undertakings
  • Community involvement and/or volunteer work

Contact Information:

Ruth Hancock Memorial Scholarships
c/o Broadcast Executives Society
75150-20 Bloor Street East,
Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3T3



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