Deadline: 2019-10-01
Value of Scholarship: Travel Grant

Arthur D. Latornell Graduate Travel Grants

This scholarship was established to honour Arthur D. Latornell, OAC ’50, who had a life-long special interest in resource management and conservation and in helping young people.

One of the ten awards is available to a student whose research interest relates to resource remediation/reclamation. Apply to department/school by October 1 for the fall competition and March 1 for the winter competition using the Latornell Graduate Travel Grant Program Nomination form.


Students registered in any program with at least an “A-“ average in the last 2 years whose research interests relate to resource management and/or resource conservation are eligible. Students beyond semester 6 at the master’s level, semester 9 at the doctoral level, and semester 12 in the case of transfer from master’s to doctoral level are ineligible. These travel grants are offered to assist students in attending conferences, courses, Co-op student exchanges or study abroad programs in these areas.


For more information, Contact:

University of Guelph

Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1

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