5 Things You Must Fight to be an Excellent Student


  • First, you should ensure that you are ever present in class and avoid distraction in classes. Your friends in class might bring up and interesting topic of discuss while the teacher/lecturer is teaching, don’t be mean! Just tell them that you really want to focus on the teacher/lecturer and maybe you will talk later during lunch or recess. They will understand and may even feel the  same way themselves. 


  • Don’t be afraid or feel stupid to ask questions no matter how stupid it may sounds. You can try explaining the problem to the teacherfor better clarification. And also don’t be too shy to ask  your classmate for assistance with a particular topic as long as he or she is very good with the topic. 

  • Don’t be a workaholic. Live a balanced life. You cannot be a successful student if all you do is read all day. Create room for your social life and other priorities. 


  • Do not procrastinate. Do not put off today activities for later. You should have a routine time and ensure to abide by it; it really helps. Have someone supervise you if possible. 


  • Stay away from the wrong use of electronic gadget as far as possible because they are a source of distraction. Electronics such as laptops, phones, television should be kept away while studying unless you  need them to browse about a certain topic. You can avoid abusing these gadgets by Having a specific time you come online. Set an alarm. Logout of apps/uninstall apps that causes distraction e.g. Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Hangout etc.

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