Deadline: 2015-04-10
Value of Scholarship: Varies
Level Of Study: Undergraduate

2015-GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders Scholarship for South Korean Citizens

The Scholarship is for South Korean students

The scholarship Details:

GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders Scholarship is a scholarship program designed to provide financial support and skills development opportunities for the accomplished second-year undergraduate  South Korean students from recognized institutions who are pursuing the following degree  in Universities:

  1. Natural Sciences (chemistry, physics)
  2. Engineering (computer, mechanical, chemical, electrical, electronics)

For more information about the degrees, please contact:

Korean-American Educational Commission

Fulbright Building
23, Baekbeom-ro 28-gil, Mapo-gu
Seoul 121–874, Korea


In addition to two letters of recommendation, the scholarship applicant must provide the following supporting documents:

  1. Online Application Form – printed from review & submit page (1 copy)
  2. KAEC Supplemental Form (1 copy)
  3. Essay (1 copy)
  4. Certification Page with original signature (1 copy downloaded from the online application)
  5. University Transcripts (1 official copy)
  6. Evidence of enrollment at a university (1 official copy)
  7. High School Transcripts (1 official copy)


The scholarship applicant must meet the following requirements: You must be a

  • Korean citizenship
  • Second-year full time undergraduate students
  • Student with high academic performance (minimum GPA of 3.0/4.0, 3.225/4.3 or 3.375/4.5)
  • Students must in studying in one of the following fields: Engineering or Natural Sciences. Specific majors required are identified in the parenthesis below.
  1. Engineering (computer, mechanical, chemical, electrical, electronics)
  2. Natural Sciences (chemistry, physics)



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