Deadline: 2015-09-01
Value of Scholarship: £8,000 for research. An additional sum up to £2,000 may be requested to fund travel to help grantees develop connections with other ecologists outside their usual peer group.
Level Of Study: MSc

2015 British Ecological Society Grants for Ecologists in Africa

The British Ecological Society (BES) invites grant applications from ecologists in Africa to fund their ecological research. The grant is designed to provide them with support to develop their skills, experience and knowledge and to make connections with ecologists in the developed world. The program aims to support excellent ecological science in Africa by funding services and equipment.

Grant applications can be made up to £8,000 for research. BES also grants additional £2,000 as travel grants to grantees who want to develop connections with other ecologists outside their usual peer group.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must be scientist and a citizen of a country in Africa or its associated islands.
  • Applicants must have at least an MSc or equivalent degree.
  • Applicants must be working for a university or research institution in Africa that provides basic research facilities.
  • Applicants must carry out the research in a country in Africa or its associated islands.
  • The proposed project must be completed within 18 months.
  • Recipients of any other fund under BES are not eligible to apply.

Note: Applications will be considered complete only after the online referee statement is received. The referee statement should include why the project is important, what support will be given to the applicant and a statement that any equipment bought for the project will be made available for anyone in the host institution to conduct ecological research. Both the referee statements must successfully be completed before deadline for the application to be considered for funding

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Method of application

Candidates must apply online to be considered.Applications for this grant must be made using the BES online application form. IMPORTANT: Only complete questions 3, 3a and 3b if you are requesting additional travel funds (see above).

For more information, please visit Ecologists in Africa.


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