Value of Scholarship: Doctoral: $25,000/year (up to 3 years),Post Doc: $35,000 (one year), Short term researc: $3000/month (up to 4 months)
Level Of Study: Phd or other

2015-2016 Quebec Merit Scholarship for Foreign Students

This scholarship is designed  to offer financial assistance to foreign students in high institutions.Candidates from Brazil, India, or Wallonia region will compete in their own citizenship category in each of program levels. Citizens of all other eligible countries will compete in the “Open” category in each of program levels (Doctoral, postdoctoral, short-term research).

This scholarship is tenable at McGill  University

Special instructions:

All applicants must apply through their respective academic unit. If you are not currently registered at McGill and wish to apply to come to McGill through this award, please contact the academic unit to which you will apply.

* Wallonie region scholarship applicants must have studied in a French-language university institution in Belgium, available only to Doctoral students or short-term researchers.

*Candidates from China may either apply through the “Open” category or though the Chinese Scholarship Council.

*Candidates from Mexico may either apply through the “Open” category or though the Mexican Ministry of Education.


Eligibility summary

  • This competition is open only to foreign candidates who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada. Candidates must not have applied for permanent residency.
  • Awards must be activated between April 1 and January 15 of the funding year.
  • Doctoral: New or returning doctoral students. Please note that any Doctoral studies already completed at the start date of the award will be deducted from the 3-year maximum award (see details in agency rules).
  • Postdoctoral: New or returning postdocs who will have completed their PhD no more than 2 years prior to the agency competition deadline (see details and exceptions in agency rules.)
  • Visiting Research Student and Visiting Researcher – V3: Visiting students (pre-Ph.D, option A) will be evaluated separately from visiting scholars (post-Ph.D, option B). Visiting scholars must have completed their Ph.D no more than 5 years prior to the Agency competition deadline.
  • Candidates must have achieved an overall first-class average, as determined by the university.
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How to apply

Please submit the PBEEE-DE/DS Eligibility Screening Form to your academic unit by the deadline. If confirmed eligible, pre-selected applications are also due to your academic unit by the deadline. All documents submitted should be copies, not originals.

If nominated by McGill, applicants are responsible for submitting their online application and hard copies of original supporting documents to the agency by the agency deadline.

More information on deadline:

  1. Contact academic unit for deadline to submit PBEEE-DE/DS Eligibility Screening Form and copies of transcripts to Unit.
  2. Contact academic unit for deadline to submit full pre-selection application to Unit, if eligible.


Please Note!


The DE competition is for studies in the areas of: Aerospace, New information and communications technologies, New health technologies, Genomics, or Nanotechnologies.

The DS competition is for studies in the areas of: Humanities, Social Sciences, or Arts and Literature

DE & DS applicants should use the Doctoral-level PBEEE pre-selection application for pre-selection at McGill.

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