Deadline: 2017-07-31
Value of Scholarship: two annual scholarships of $1,000

Pat Cullen And John Chipperfield Scholarships for CITT courses

Pat Cullen And John Chipperfield Scholarships for CITT courses

Bellville Rodair International are offering this scholarship in honour of Pat Cullen And John Chipperfield, two well-respected members of their organization who have made significant contributions to the supply chain field.

Eligibility Criteria for Pat Cullen And John Chipperfield Scholarships

To qualify, you need to have already completed Transportation Systems and Logistics Processes, have achieved a passing mark in your most recent course, and you have to be responsible for paying your own course registration fees.

How to Apply

To apply for any of the available scholarships—except the Toronto Area Council Bursary, which has its own application process and timeline—please prepare and submit the following:

  • A short essay (approximately 250 words in length) stating which scholarship(s) you are applying for, outlining your career objectives, and explaining the role that the CITT designation will play in achieving these goals.
  • A signed letter stating that you are not receiving any funding from either your employer or the government for these courses.
  • A completed CITT course registration form.

Please send the package including your essay, letter and form to:

10 King St E, Suite 400
Toronto, ON  M5C 1C3


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