Education Institutions that offer MasterCard Foundation Scholarship

Education Institutions that offer MasterCard Foundation Scholarship

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program has partnered with many universities and institutions to deliver on its vision to educate young people from developing countries. These institution were selected based on their commitment to deliver excellent academic programs to economically disadvantaged students and most especially their ability to deliver   programs relevant to developing countries.

Here is the full list of institutions in partnership with MasterCard foundation Scholarship program

African Leadership Academy

African Institute for Mathematical Sciences

American University of Beirut – Faculty of Health Sciences

Ashesi University

Arizona State University



Carnegie Mellon University – Rwanda

Duke University

EARTH University

Equity Group Foundation Wings To Fly



Makerere University

McGill University

Michigan State University

Stanford University

University of British Columbia

University of California, Berkeley

University of Cape Town

University of Edinburgh 

University of Pretoria

University of Toronto

Wellesley College

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