Scholarship is not only for the best students

Scholarships and Grants

There is this misconceived notion that scholarships is for the best and brightest students. This is NOT TRUE. Even students who are aware that this is not true are always discouraged by the amount of information required and specific eligibility requirements.  But as a student if  there is scholarship grant out there that can take care of my tuition and living expense, does it make sense that I invest my time to purse the required documentation and apply for this scholarships? Your guess is a good as mine.

As my friend will also say, the worst that can happen is that you are not accepted but, hey, there are thousands of scholarship grants for Masters and PhD students. There are also many organizations willing to offer scholarships even for undergraduate students. All you need is to shape your circumstances appropriately to qualify for these scholarship programs.

Scholarships are available to all students of all disciplines, backgrounds, and academic levels. Here are the absolute truths that you may wish to know:

  • You don’t have to be absolute best student in the class to qualify. Being the best improves your chances but there is something for every one.
  • Do not be very particular about the scholarship value. There is no limit to the number of scholarships you can have but there is a limit to the total value. They would want to ensure that you are not richer than your teacher  J .  Smaller scholarships add up and there are many of  these scholarships added on yearly basis.
  • Get your self involved in some Community programs. You never know where scholarship recommendations will come from. You have get lots of scholarships because you are a soccer player , Basket ballplayer etc
  • Some scholarship grants are available to students who are members of a specific club or organization. Also there are a number of scholarship grants awards available to students whose parents or other family members (such as grandparents) belong to, or are employees of, specific clubs or organizations.
  • Keep a plan to always check out on scholarships in your area of interest. Example subscribe to our mailing list so that you get scholarships by email as they arrive.
  • Always check out your local municipalities or education ministry for scholarship grants announcement.

It is also important to note that while you may be automatically considered for some scholarships, you will have to apply for others. Your target strategy should be to track scholarship deadlines.

If you have not decided on which school to attend, don’t worry!. Focus on the scholarship awards in your area of interest. You may be astonished to learn that you will find a scholarship  in an excellent school that you did not even imagine. Even if the scholarship deadlines have passed, the best advise is to start now to pursue the scholarship for the next academic year. The reason is simply because all scholarship applications will require transcript and letters of recommendation and you need time to assemble all the documentation. Most students miss a scholarship awards because of poor planning and missed deadlines. One scholarship grant may just be what you need to change your life for ever, SUBSCRIBE NOW  to get the scholarship news by email

One last advice the student is to review the scholarship details carefully and provide the required documentation on time. Don’t procrastinate or condemn your self before applying. Just do it!!

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