USA:Drug Free Sport Fund Continuing Education Award

Scholarships and Grants

This award was established to recognize the significant contributions of athletic trainers to the prevention of drug abuse by athletes and, in gratitude, to provide monetary award(s) for continuing education of athletic trainers employed in the high school, college, university or 501(c) 3 public charity setting.


In order to be eligible for the award(s) the applicant must be employed as an athletic trainer in the high school, college, university or 501(c) 3 public charity setting at the time of application and have been involved in the drug use deterrence of athletes. Application must be accompanied by the written acknowledgement of the athletic trainers supervisor who is:

  1. Aware of the application.
  2. Willing to accommodate the applicants continuing education pursuit.
  3. In such position within the employing agency, to receive, cosign and re-disperse the cash value of the award for the awardees stated continuing education goals or, able to facilitate the above on behalf of the awardee within the agency.

How to apply:

  1. Click here to access the application.
  2. Create a new AwardSpring user account or login.
  3. Complete all APPLICATION sections.
  4. You will be matched to the scholarship(s) you are eligible for based on your answers to the QUALIFICATION QUESTIONS.
  5. Complete all FOLLOW-UP questions in the AwardSpring DASHBOARD.
Award(s) are a minimum of $1,000.00. Awards are nonrenewable and shall be made payable to the employing educational institution or not-for-profit entity and the athletic trainer.
May 1. Formal announcements will be made in June of each year.
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